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In keeping within the spirit of the "Thunderbirds Alumni Association, Inc., (TBAA) the "Heritage Thunderbird Foundation", the Thunderbirds Alumni "Dream Of A Lifetime" web site exists to promote the comradeship of former and current members of the United States Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, The Thunderbirds, and to insure "Once A Thunderbird, Always A Thunderbird" is a continued commitment from each member and that excellence remains the benchmark by which we measure all we do.

A few weeks ago, we had @ConorDaly22 out at the hangar. He flew with TB7 and pulled 9Gs! Today, he's repping the 660,000 Airmen serving around the world at the #Indy500. He also had a 4 painted on his car in memory of Cajun. #4ever
Statement from Lt. Col. Kevin Walsh, Thunderbirds Commander/Leader.
The U.S. Navy Blue Angels sent condolences to the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds on Thursday following the fatal crash of a Thunderbird pilot a day earlier. "Our deepest sympathies go out to the entire Thunderbirds team, their families and their loved ones.
If you have ever been to a military air show, you know they are a magical place filled with smells of popcorn and cotton candy and the smoke left from the rolls and spins of stunt aircraft. You can climb into the belly of a massive cargo plane or explore the cockpit or a vintage fighter.
Vice President Mike Pence recalled recently meeting the US Air Force Thunderbird pilot who was killed in a Wednesday ...
The Air Force on Thursday identified the Thunderbirds pilot killed in the F-16 crash at the Nevada Test and Training range as Maj. Stephen Del Bagno. Del Bagno was killed at about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday during what the Air Force called a routine aerial demonstration training flight.